Kony 2012 Video, Demons And The Beast, And How We Got Here (Part 3)

The business of child soldiers in Uganda is very murky. Museveni’s NRA rebel group had many child soldiers (called kadogos) in its ranks, and when it became the national army, it continued the practice of using children in the war in the north. But most of the children were forcefully recruited into the LRA. In all, anything between 100,000 to 150,000 had been conscripted by the time Kony was finally pushed out of Uganda.


Joseph Kony, a former altar boy subscribing to the same mchuzi mix of traditional-ne-fundamentalist Catholicism as Lakwena, and who also dabbled in the occult, had been lurking in the shadows in the last days of the Holy Spirit movement, recruiting former soldiers to his cause”

 This is the third part of the well-known and little-known bits of the story of the macabre insurgency by Uganda rebel leader Joseph Kony, and the often equally brutal response by the Uganda government over 20 years, as a way of providing context to judge “KONY 2012”, the video by the US group Invisible Children that passed 100 million last evening, to become the most successful viral video of all time.

The North-South divide in Uganda (common in other countries too) provides only a small explanation of the raw political passions that led to war in northern Uganda, and the rise…

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