Key Crew

Ebony Butler
Director / Producer / Editor

Jason Byrne
Executive Producer

Simon Hardwidge
Executive Producer

James Brown

Paul Shannahan / Final Post
Sound Design

Marcus Dineen

Jono Van Hest
Camera Operator

Mustaque Abdallah
Camera Operator

Ellery Ryan Jnr
Camera Operator

Steven Robinson (ASE)
Editing Consultant

Ken Sallows
Additional Editor

Patrick McCabe
Additional Editor

Shane Burrell / Final Post

Bernie Ryan
Assistant Editor and Post VFX

Tim Smith / 77 Post
VFX / Animation

Ole Sturm
Map Animation

Natalie Cunningham
Post Production Assistant

Dr. Kane Collins

Patricia Collins & Carl J. Sorheim 
Story Consultants

Mark Pennell
Industry Mentor


Director’s Note:

This is a story that needs to be told – an important and time critical piece that no one else in the entire world is telling. My primary aim is to give a silenced minority, who have been the victims of the most horrific crimes against humanity, a voice and some sense of justice for what they have endured at the hands of their own government.

Secondly, I want to inspire people to take action and demand that the U.K and the U.S cut all military support to Uganda’s murderous dictator of 30 years.

Please stand with me, an demand justice for the Acholi people of Northern Uganda.



Key Crew Biographies

Ebony Butler

Ebony Butler is a Melbourne based filmmaker and human rights activist. She has a passion for creating films that educate and that have the potential to inspire social and political change. She is also the founder and director of not-for-profit organization ‘Bikes 4 Life’ which provides vital transport to impoverished and war-ravaged regions in Uganda, Tanzania, Cambodia and other neglected communities around the world.

Ebony has been in the industry for over ten years graduating from Sound Audio Engineering Institute (SAE) in 2007. After film school she established Atlantic Star Productions, a small production company that produced corporate media and short form content. Outside of the corporate video world Ebony maintained involvement with creative productions such as short films, music videos, short documentaries and experimental videography and editing projects.

She has a passion for the arts and enjoys acting and directing but her professional career has been dominated with roles as a camerawoman, producer, editor, or sometimes all three. She has produced; directed and edited at least 15 short films and has plans to test her ability with feature narrative films in the coming years.

In 2008 Ebony was offered a job as a camera operator and video editor in Cambodia with the Australian not-for-profit organisation Be A Hero. It was at that time when her life began to change. The things she witnessed in Cambodia had a serious effect on her and after returning to Australia she immediately got involved with human rights, volunteering and she became quite active with a group working in Africa, who enlightened her about a little known war in Uganda and a warlord named Kony.

In 2016, after seven years of travelling back and forth to Uganda and around the world, filming and researching the war, Ebony completed her debut feature length documentary titled A Brilliant Genocide. The award-winning documentary exposes untold truths of the war in Northern Uganda.

In the foreseeable future Ebony is committed to making media that can make a difference, producing films with strong messages, non-fiction that educates, inspires and can impact social and political change.


Jason Byrne – Executive Producer

Jason has produced the feature films RATS AND CATS (with director Tony Rogers) and LITTLE DEATHS (winner of best feature film at SPAA, 2008). He co-produced the IF Award-winning feature film ONE PERFECT DAY and produced the telefeature THE HEART BREAK TOUR and the ABC documentaries BEYOND THE BACKYARD and the feature-length SHADOWPLAY.
Jason’s produced many internationally- recognised TV commercials and award-winning short films with Directors Rachel Griffiths (ROUNDABOUT), Clayton Jacobson (I LOVE U), Eron Sheehan (FISH), Edwin McGill (BOOTH STORY” & “IMPRINT) and Josh Whiteman (ONE MINUTE), and is currently in production on the documentaries FLIGHT OF THE BLACK COCKATOO and BUTTERFLY SONG, and the feature films SUCKER, THE GIRLS and NO PRISONERS, all of which have received recent development funding.

Ken Sallows – Editor


2007 Playing For Charlie Feature, Drama, Queen Ant Films, Australia, Editor

2007 The Tender Hook Feature, Drama, Mandala Films, Australia, Editor

2006 Monkey Puzzle Feature, Drama, Tama Films, Australia, Editor

2002 Gettin’ Square Feature, Drama, Mushroom Pictures, Australia, Editor

2001 Yolgnu Boy Feature, Drama, ACTF, Beyond Films, Australia, Editor

1999 Chopper Feature, Drama, Pariah Entertainment Group, Australia, Editor

1996 Doing Time For Patsy Cline Feature, Drama, Oilrag Productions, Australia, Editor

1996 Love & Other Catastrophies Feature, Drama, Beyond Films, Australia, Editor

1991 Proof Feature, Drama, 89mins, House & Moorhouse Films, Australia, Editor

1985 Malcolm Feature, Drama, 85mins, Cascade Films, Australia, Editor


2005 AFI Awards – Nomination, Best Sound Non-feature, Iraq, My country, Australia

2004 Film Critics Circle of Australia, Best Editor, Tom White, Australia

2003 IF Awards, Best Editing, Gettin’ Square, Australia

2000 Australian Screen Editors Guild, Honorary Life Membership, Various, Australia

2000 Australian Screen Editors Guild, Honour of Significant and Outstanding Contribution to the Craft of

Editing, Various, Australia

1991 AFI Awards, Best Editing, Proof, Australia

1986 AFI Award, Best Editing, Malcolm, Australia



Ebony Butler
Atlantic Star Productions

Jason Byrne
Guilty Content – Executive Producer


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