Ebony Butler
Director / Producer


PO Box 233 South Yarra
Vic 3141 Australia

Facebook: ABrilliantGenocide

Instagram and Twitter @AcholiGenocide

Please subscribe to our dedicated Video Channel on ABG on Vimeo

The channel houses outtakes from A Brilliant Genocide and will is updated regularly with  unused media from the film that was shot over 6 years with over 100 hours of footage never been seen before. The media on the channel is aimed at further educating and informing the wider community in issues far beyond the genocide debate in Uganda.


  1. Hi Ebony,
    Is it possible to watch “A Brilliant Genocide” somewhere or buy it?
    It hasn’t been shown in Denmark to my knowledge.

    Best regards,


  2. Dear Butlers,
    I am impressed that this is coming at a time when the whole world has put a tight lid on what has exactly happened in Acholi and i appreciate you for making our cause and suffering known to the whole world at this time when propaganda controls the whole world. Do not forget the Acholis who perished in jail in 1986-2006.

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