Friends of Orphans Bike 4 Life Workshop

WOW what an amazing day we have had!

With many thanks to all involved, and special thanks to Visa Global for the shipping and management, Ex-Pat Deli for the container, Nick & co for the Graffiti and art, John Wells & co at Independent Color for the stickers (logo’s) and Bunnings Port Melbourne for the new equipment…!

Our awesome graffiti artists started yesterday at Visa in Yarraville, and spent the whole day painting the container, which when in Africa will become a bike workshop for former child soldiers.

Today the rest of us met down at Visa and started working on applying the massive stickers donated by John Wells at Independent Color, for the front side of the container. It wasn’t looking good at first as the stickers were not sticking – we were a bit worried, but it all worked out in the end, as we applied them dry instead, and it worked a treat! Nick our graffiti artist rocked up a bit late, and added some cool touches to the side with the logo’s, which will be the front of the workshop when it gets to Friends of Orphans in Uganda.

Everything worked out well and by about 5 or 6pm we were done! Ciro is going back tomorrow to paint the door on, as when we get it to Friends of Orphans we are cutting windows and doors out… Also John from Independent Color left his own logo at the factory so he has to go back in the morning to put it on! Poor guy has worked so hard the past week… What a lovely, generous man he is!

So, now it’s 95% complete, and tomorrow afternoon the container will be transported down to the docks where it will await shipping to Africa. We are going next week on the actual ship to film it being loaded on, and then the day after it leaves, along with 3,00o others containers… I pray it’s doesn’t get lost or stolen!!!!

This is the back side of the container… Looking very funky and adds a bit of color to what was a very boring looking container –

Looking good huh?? We are very happy with it!

So the front, which is almost finished… Looks like this –



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