The news that Gen. Museveni plucked 740 million dollars from state coffers (UShs 1.7 trillion) to buy 6 Russian Sukhoi Su-30MKK fighter jets, at a time when food prices are running amok, has already riled the Ugandan populace. It’s equivalent to a UPDF soldier’s boot into the gut of the typical Ugandan, in whose wildest dreams, flying in a jet liner remains just that: an elusive dream.

So alarming was it at first that many Uganda missed the smelly rat in the deal. But anyway, every Ugandan, by rule-of-thumb, knows that corruption is pervasive is most government deals. So I trust they would have eventually smelt and seen the rat after recovering from the anger and hunger. Yes hunger! To keep perspective on the involved finances, I’m not gonna go into the question of if we need these jets: in summary we don’t! Gaddafi will probably tell you the same 🙂


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