I will be interviewing the author of this blog (Ddungu Musa Evans) next week in Auckland, New Zealand where he resides.

ddungu Musa Evans.

Tyrant Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s government has been implicated in several human rights abuses in the new report released by Human rights watch. And these abuses include faced forced closure of meetings, threats, harassment, arrest, torture, killings and punitive bureaucratic interference. In over three decades of Museveni rule lives of hundreds of thousands of people in the north remain blighted by one of Africa’s most brutal rebellions which Ugandans believe that Museveni is the main architecture

Since 1980s Museveni’s  was notorious for his human rights abuses, first during the war which topped military leader Idi Amin from 1971-79 and that of 1980 – 1986. When Museveni butchered over  a half million  Ugandans in Luwero triangle when he started guerrilla war to remove Milton Obote whom he had accused of rigging elections during 1980 general elections.

Human rights watch report in summary.

Nairobi) – Research and advocacy organizations in Uganda that deal…

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