First War in the Congo:Tribal Hostilities Reappear

It was the World’s Deadliest War Since World War 2.

The Great Congo War where over 5 million souls perished.

Does anyone in the West even learn about this at school? Most people I speak to have no idea about the suffering in the DRC. People need to open their eyes and be more aware about whats going on, and start to care about things outside of their own little world. There’s so many people with their eyes wide shut.

Thanks for another great blog post Kat!

Kat's Africa

 The most important cultural and political unit in East Africa is one’s “tribal affiliation”. Usually when a Kenyan or Ugandan is asked, “Who are you?” He/she will usually respond by naming the tribe to which he/she belongs such as Kikuyu or Lango. These tribes have coexisted together for centuries and have fashioned many different types of relationships with one another. Some have built harmonious collaborations together while others have engaged in open warfare. Many tribes in the Congo considered the members of other tribes their mortal enemies and fought in vicious battles where they enslaved the vanquished until King Leopold and then the Belgian parliament intervened and introduced strict, punitive measures which helped to end most of the tribal conflicts. But even though the tribes were no longer permitted to fight, they never forgot just who their enemies were and passed down these grudges and resentments to subsequent generations. Once the Belgian administrators returned to Belgium and…

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