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On this Remembrance Sunday, when we commemorate those that lost their lives in conflict, much of the world is mourning the election of a demagogue to the White House. Please spare a thought for Uganda in its thirtieth year of dictatorship under Museveni, and the millions dead from his genocidal machinations.

A Brilliant Genocide is the best place to start. Today it is being awarded Best Film and Best Human Rights Film at the We The Peoples Film Festival. Such plaudits are thoroughly deserved and particularly special to the survivors as their struggle continues. Their dignity and strength in pursuing justice serves as a gold standard in how such causes should be fought.


Museveni’s regime shows no sign of abating and he remains in rude health. As tempting and cathartic it may be to set fire to trash cans in Portland, the actual coalface work of holding power to account is far less exciting. Yet it needs to be done.

Again I implore you to watch A Brilliant Genocide to gain a greater understanding and frankly base awareness of the ethnic cleansing in Acholiland. It may not be as blunt as it once was, with concentration camps and scorched earth, but it still continues through political disenfranchisement, denial of public services, and the strangling of economic life.

A petition is available at

Unfortunately it is addressed to the President of the United States so do not expect a sympathetic ear any time soon. However, the campaign can and should be broadened to include Europe, where fingers crossed there will be an actual response, and to African countries, the ones where signing such petitions will not end up with a bullet in the back of the head and a shallow grave. My friends in Southern Uganda, whilst disgusted by Museveni and his slaughter, do not feel safe in speaking out in fear of being disappeared. I cannot blame them. I guarantee I would do the same. But we in our places of safety need to do more, far more than we are. It may not be glamorous but raising awareness, writing to representatives, and supporting the survivors needs to be done.

My sincerest congratulations to Ebony Butler for her success at the We The Peoples Film Festival. My undying respect and support to the survivors of the genocide as they continue on in their fight with their customary grace.

Julius L. Geertz

Review: A Brilliant Genocide

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  1. Who doesn’t know the horrendous acts of president Museveni which have left nothing but human debris in the past years especially in Acholiland. Similarly, his brother in crime, Salva Kiir is doing the same in South Sudan! When will the world pay attention to such innocent minority group, whose lives have lost values?! The world must heed the voice of this defenseless minority group, they’re also human beings, whose rights need to be protected. Ebony thanks for the article, it’s a wakeup call.

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