It is with pleasure and excitement that I announce the new title of our feature documentary… ‘A Brilliant Genocide.

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Pre-release teaser video from A Brilliant Genocide (scroll down) 

After 6 years filming, researching and editing this film, it has naturally evolved and transformed into a much different film that we set out to make in 2009 when it all began. 

We spent 3 years on the Joseph Kony / child soldier path – and the issue of children / child soldiers and other related  human rights abuses that are of much interest to us – we condemn the use of children in war, and the abuse of any child in any way, in any part of the world. 

However, the film is no longer 100% focused on the issue of children at war and Joseph Kony’s war in northern Uganda. The film remains very much connected with Kony and his use of child soldiers- but along our 6 year journey we found some completely untold ‘hidden’ stories that we felt were even more important to bring to light.

What we discovered and continue to discover, is that the world has been fooled, as I was 6 years ago, about Joseph Kony and his war in northern Uganda. There’s another side to this story that has never been told, and we have been on a journey for the past few years to find out the truth and the backstory that has received zero media attention – and even worse than that – the people responsible for these concealed human rights abuses, are those who have been supported by the west for 30 years, and who are still in office today. And the West is still today supporting the regime, while the regime continues to enjoy complete impunity for their crimes. 

We have discovered that Kony, although blamed for the war and the suffering, is just the tip of the ice-berg. We have found that Kony did have a reason, a very legitimate reason, for his rebellion, and although his acts of violence and child abductions are deplorable, and in no way justified – he has a reason for what he has done, and in his mind his actions are justified. The truth that no one who knows will admit – will bring many people – the bigger criminals and the puppeteers who have orchestrated this war and allowed it to continue – to account. The people we have spoken with call the situation in Uganda ‘a global conspiracy of silence’. And what we will be showing in our film is that indeed it has been, and sadly continues to be so today. 

We are glad that Kony2012 was made and that it received such incredible success – with over 100 million views to make it the most watched viral video of all time! Kony 2012 not only helped to unravel more things for me, but it also meant that we could without worry abort the Kony / child soldier story as our main focus – it had now been told – because the original purpose of  this film was informing an unaware world of Kony and the horrific crimes against children that were taking place. With 100 million plus viewers and high international exposure, there was almost no need to continue along that line solely. We could have tagged along, running with the hype and could have attracted a large audience to our work based on the success of Kony2012 – but for me personally, that has never been my mission. Our crew moved on  knowing that we could now focus entirely on sharing a story that no one in the world is talking about, and that no one has really talked about – which dates back 30 years ago to when a minority group in Uganda, of the same ethnic grouping as Joseph Kony, were victims of the most horrifying and sadistic human rights violations we have ever heard of. The grave crimes against humanity committed by not the rebels, but the people who were in power and remain in power today, will shock you – and hopefully drive you to call for the perpetrators to be held accountable. 

We strongly believe Uganda needs a truth and reconciliation commission and an international, and independent investigation into the crimes committed in the northern part of the country since 1896 when current President, Yoweri Museveni came to power. 

There are people out there who have suffered in silence for 30 long years – and these people deserve the truth – and deserve some sense of justice. 

Peace in the country depends on this. Long-lasting peace cannot be achieved without justice, and for as long as the truth is hidden away from the world and avoided nationally, justice will also be on the waiting list. 

Next month Uganda’s President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is running for re-election as President of Uganda after coming to power through a guerrilla war some 30 years ago.  Yes Museveni took power in 1986 after fighting a guerrilla war, just like Joseph Kony has done from 1987.  The elections are expected to be rigged as per usual in the country – but now is the time for the world to stand up and demand he takes full responsibility for his actions over the last 30 years.

Sometimes social justice is more important than criminal justice. In the west we are focused on criminal justice, but at the local level in northern Uganda for example, they believe in forgiveness, they believe in reconciling with those who have acted against them, they believe that local traditional justice (transitional justice methods) should be pursued over ICC (International Criminal Court) indictments and so forth. Most are against the ICC charges against Kony and blame the ICC for Kony not surrendering and signing the final peace agreement. However although many in the north have opposed the ICC, they also believe that as Kony has been indicted and that the indictment cannot be lifted, that Museveni himself should also be tried. 

We are just weeks away form completing our documentary and hope you decide to take part in our journey, and follow the next 12 months as we try to get our story, the story of the silenced, out to the world. 

We will be launching a new website soon and will be releasing media regularly. We have hundreds of hours of interviews and material that we also plan to release as a public resource for education, and for other political or social endeavours. 

We will start by releasing two videos a week on the site and hope you get something from it and can help to spread the word and share the information to what is a hoodwinked generation. 

Here’s one pre-release video for you to see:


Thank you and god bless.

‘Speak Truth To Empower’


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